We live in the UK but spend several months of the year here in Barbados. When not using this private home we are, now, prepared either to rent it, or trade it for similar vacation properties around the world. Do you have a comparable home, boat or property that you wish to trade?

While we would be open to most places in the world that you may have a personal residence we are would currently be particularly keen to hear from

  • any chalet owner, in any country (we are keen skiers),
  • anyone with a house in Antibes, Marrakesh or Minorca, or
  • someone with a comparable crewed boat

It is not necessary that the trade happen at the same time, in other words that you are in my home while we are in yours.

Our time is flexible as is our choice of destination. It is important that we see current, good pictures of the property. It must be well furnished, including kitchen facilities. Maid service, car rental and other such incidentals shall be discussed and agreed to in each individual case as the need shall arise.

References would be required and we can supply those to you as well.